Ediger - Romantischer Ferienort an der Mosel


The impressionable environment of the Mosel valley offers many possibilities to spend an active or also relaxing vacation......

You can get to know the culture of winemaking, beginning with a walk through the vineyards to visiting the wine cellar and enjoy a wine tasting.

In and around Ediger –Eller you have many options for sight-seeing and activities : walking through the lanes surrounded by histrorical houses, vineyards, woods or even do the climbing tour though Europe’s steepest vineyard, the Calmont., bicycle trips along the river, trip by ship or play golf on the height above Ediger-Eller.

Links for sightseeing in and around Ediger-Eller.

Only 30 km distance from Airport Frankfurt-Hahn (Ryanair)



for 2 personsfor 2-4 personsfor 2-4 personsfor 2-4 personsfor 4-8 persons

Free wine tasting in the vinery Klemens Friderichs included !

Weingut Klemens Friderichs • Moselweinstraße 30 • D-56814 Ediger-Eller / Mosel • Tel. +49 2675 / 266 • E-Mail: Imprint